TENT ONE: Sustainable Lifestyles

12 pm – Can Permaculture Save the World?

Presented by Alexander Ojeda of Permaculture Jax.

 Alex will share his experiences with permaculture and discuss tips to working with permaculture with your family.  Alex has co-published the Permaculture Playing Cards with Paul Wheaton, written dozens of papers and articles on permaculture techniques, designed and planted over 100 gardens, helped other groups to spin off Permaculture Jax in their own areas, grew Permaculture Jax into an over 3000 member community and starting on his homestead project called the Starwalker Project.

1 pm – Life of a Beekeeper

Presented by Chapin Burgess. 

Local beekeeper will be discuss an overview of a year in the life of a beekeeper.  He will be bringing an observation hive of bees for an up close look at the bees.  Bees are fundamental to a successful garden as well as providing the bounty we all find in the grocery store.  This workshop will discuss honey bee biology basics.

2 pm – Navigating a healthy lifestyle in Savannah

Presented by Jeremy Simon of Kiss of Life. 

We will speak about many of the healthy and holistic resources available in Savannah. For the beginner just trying to find where to get local organic produce to the most advanced looking to find out where to get information about herbs and essential oils.

3 pm – Farm Truck 912: 912 reasons for mobile markets in Savannah

Thanks to Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation’s Live Well. Be Well. initiative, Forsyth Farmers’ Market has created Farm Truck 912, a mobile farmers’ market that brings local fruits and vegetables to Savannah neighborhoods with the least access to healthy food.  The staff of Farm Truck 912 will talk successes, challenges, start up expenses and building trust, equity and outreach strategies with Savannah’s neighborhoods.  



TENT TWO:  Growing Perspectives

12 pm – Composting: Feed the food that feeds you

Presented by Andy Schwartz of Grow Eat Repeat

Food is very valuable to our bodies and to our economy. This workshop will take a look at how growing food in healthy soil can not only benefit our personal health and wellness but also the wellness and strength of our community. Understanding how food is grown, how it is selected for wholesale delivery, and how we select food as a consumer are all important pieces of the puzzle. #whatcouldyourfoodscrapsdo

1 pm – Healthy Cooking With Local Produce and Essential Oils

Presented by by Susan Giddens of Gratitude Gardens

We will be using locally sourced produce to demonstrate quick, cost effective and flavor filled meal preparations, beverages and desserts with essential oils. Class will be taught with a farmer’s perspective.

12 pm – Mushroom Cultivation

Presented by Robert Kiser

The C-Port Mushroom Project will cover the basics of fungal biology and mushroom cultivation, focusing on techniques to maximize the use of local, organic and sustainable materials. Learn how to choose the best approach to get desired results in both indoor and outdoor settings, how to select the optimal mushroom types for growing in the Savannah area techniques for log cultivation, and other applications of mushroom cultures, including mycoremediation, mushroom composting, and low-tech spawn expansion techniques.

1 pm – Ask a Farmer

Moderated by Terri Schell of the Forsyth Farmers Market

Forsyth Farmers’ Market will moderate a group of their Farmers who will answer questions about farming in southeast Georgia, local growing practices (organic/chemical free/conventional), the price of farming (for farmers and consumers) and more!



TENT THREE: Healthy Families

12 pm – Healthy Homes, Happy Families

Presented by Kim Spencer of Thinking Moms Revolution

Do you or your children suffer from:

Anxiety, homework struggles, stomach problems, sleep issues, focus issues, seizures, asthma, skin problems/excema, ADD/ADHD/attention issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, extreme mood swings/tantrums …. Or do you just want help finding easy ways to make your home a happier, healthier place?  We will discuss these topics and announce a day long Expo to be held in Savannah in February that will expand on these topics and bring together Savannah’s most exciting resources on this topic!

1 pm – Make Mealtime Peaceful

Presented by Cooking Matters (Savannah Children’s Museum)

Tips for minimizing conflict at mealtime by providing parents with tools that encourage kids to try new, healthy foods and get the whole family eating together again.

2 pm – Navigating Healthy Choices: Nutrition Labels and Eating Out

Cooking Matters (Savannah Children’s Museum)

Learn how to use nutrition labels to your advantage and tips for healthy eating on-the-go.

3 pm – Food Allergies – Food Allergy Awareness

Presented by Food Allergies Moms Exchange

The exhibit will promote food allergy awareness regarding topics of how to protect those with life threatening reactions to food items.  This is especially important during food-centered events and holidays like sports games, birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.  Our goal is to alert the public of the dangers (sometimes hidden), support those who suffer from this issue, and teach methods that will help us protect those with food allergies.



TENT FOUR: Homesteading

12 pm – Backyard Chickens 101

Presented by Frances Smith of the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance

Learn everything there is to know about raising your very own chickens. Frances will be on hand to answer questions for beginners and offer first hand advice on the challenges and benefits of raising these feathers friends.

1 pm – Food Preservation: It’s So Easy to Preserve Food

Presented by Chatham County Cooperative Extension

Canning, freezing and drying foods are the three main methods of preserving food.  Whether you have a backyard veggie garden or purchase food from your local farmers’ market, this demostration will provide you with food safety information to preserve your food safely.

2 pm – Beekeeping – Gifts from the Hive

Presented by Annie Quinting

The Coastal Empire BeeKeepers Association and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center Honey will present products and other important gifts that we receive from bees.  Recent news headlines regarding the disappearance of honey bees have brought this fascinating creature to front and center.  Honey Bees are responsible for ⅓ of the food we eat. They are critical to our food supply and health.   Learn how we can help protect our bee population.

3 pm – Fermented Foods: Let’s Get Cultured

Presented by Peter Brodhead of Brighter Day Natural Foods

Probiotics are the new “buzzword” in health awareness today in this talk Peter Brodhead CN will discuss how to keep your GI tract “culture” alive and well. You will learn about the different classes of probiotics – acidophilus and bifidus cultures that live in the small and large intestine. More importantly you will learn about which foods and fibers maintain and act as food “fertilizers” for your beneficial bacteria. Which types of beneficial bacteria live in which fermented foods. The types of fibers such as resistant starches and soluble fibers that your benefical bacteria feed and grow on. He will discuss ways you can incorporate these fermented foods and fibers in your diet every day and keep your culture cultured.