Workshop Schedule 

Workshops begin at 12 noon* and run every hour, they are free and suitable for all learning levels.

*TENT TWO – Goat Milking Demo is at 11:30am

Tent One – Healthy Choices

12pm  Auto-Immune Paleo Basics

1pm    Healthy Living with Essential Oils

 2pm   Healthy Smart Approach to Cancer Prevention

  3pm  Herbal Salt Scrubs and Face Masks

TENT TWO – Growing Perspectives

11:30a Goat Milking Demo  

1pm   Mushrooms and Composting

2pm    Life of a Bee Keeper

3pm    Mushroom DIY Projects

TENT THREE – Food for Thought

12pm  Climate Change Meets Your Plate: The Challenge & Response of Small Farmers  

1pm   True Health

2   Food Preservation – It’s So Easy to Preserve Food


TENT FOUR – Cooking Demo

12pm  The Chemistry of Food

1pm    Joy of Vegan Cooking

2pm      The Texture of Food


Workshop Descriptions

TENT ONE – Healthy Choices


12pm – Auto-Immune Paleo Basics  presented by Dr. Terri Norburg, a certified Auto-Immune Paleo Coach

Is your body not feeling as it should? Like something just isn’t right? Do you suspect, or have you been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition? Dr. Terri Norburg will be sharing insights into the diet and lifestyle changes that have changed her life for the better!

1pm – Healthy Living with Essential Oils    presented by Cheri Hester

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, it can be difficult to maintain all those good intentions to live a healthier lifestyle. But Healthy Living doesn’t have to be hard!  Come learn about how to use essential oils in all four areas of health: physical, emotional,  mental,  and spiritual!

2pm – Healthy Smart Approach to Cancer Prevention   presented by Peter Brodhead from Brighter Day Natural Foods

Janie shares lifestyle changes you can make for healthy living and cancer prevention.

3pm – Herbal Salt Scrubs and Face Masks  presented by Brittany Mirtooli from Brighter Day Natural Foods

Brittany shows you how to use food, herbs and essential oils to make your own herbal salt scrubs and face masks

TENT TWO – Growing Perspectives

1130am – Goat Milking Demo  presented by Bootleg Farm

Have you ever seen where your cheese came from? Goat Milking Demo is brought to you by Bootleg farm to demonstrate goat milking process. Come support this family owned farm and pets some goats!

12pm – Mushrooms and Composting  presented by Marty Colvin of Green Freedom Farms

This workshop will involve teaching the basic understanding of fungus (specifically mushrooms) and the vital role mushrooms have in decomposing all organic life.

1pm – Life of a Beekeeper  presented by Chapin Burgess

Local beekeeper will be discuss an overview of a year in the life of a beekeeper.  He will be bringing an observation hive of bees for an up close look at the bees.  Bees are fundamental to a successful garden as well as providing the bounty we all find in the grocery store.  This workshop will discuss honey bee biology basics.

3pm – Mushroom DIY Projects  presented by Robert Kiser of C-Port Mushroom Project

Learn about basic mushroom biology, how to turn waste products into food, how to connect ecological loops, and the fundamentals of mushroom nutrition – including potential medicinal benefits. Focusing on sustainable and local options, this workshop will empower attendees to begin DIY mushroom projects in the home and garden.

TENT THREE – Food for Thought

12pm –  Climate Change Meets Your Plate: The Challenge & Response of Small Farmers presented by Laurie Foote of Equal Exchange

Learn how small-scale coffee, tea and chocolate farmers across the globe are experiencing the effects of climate change, and their response to it.   

1pm – True Health  presented by Ernestine Murray

Not all water is created equal. Demonstration and comparison of tap, bottled, reverse osmosis, and Kangen Water. Attendees  will have the opportunity to see, taste and feel the difference of Kangen Water. They will learn what Kangen Water can do for them.

2pm – Food Preservation – It’s So Easy to Preserve Food   presented by Chatham County Cooperative Extension

Canning, freezing and drying foods are the three main methods of preserving food.  Whether you have a backyard veggie garden or purchase food from your local farmer’s’ market, this demonstration will provide you with food safety information to preserve your food safely.


TENT FOUR – Cooking Demo


12pm – The Chemistry of Food  presented by Jesse Roseblum of Savannah Children’s Museum

Chemistry concepts come to life through everyday cooking processes that may go unnoticed to the naked eye. Everything, from chopping with a steel blade to heating a pan on a stove top, changes the structure of food and how our bodies experience it. Join us and learn the science behind how food transforms, complete with an active demo using Coastal Heritage Society’s mobile kitchen!

1pm – Joy of Vegan Cooking presented by Davida Harris, owner of Natural Selections


Learn just how easy it is to enjoy your favorite southern dishes without compromising your health or values.

Davida shares her story of how she became vegan over 16 years ago and her inspiration to open the first vegan restaurant on Bull Street.

2pm – The Texture of Food  presented by Jesse Roseblum of Savannah Children’s Museum

The culinary world offers a total sensory experience and a big part of that is texture. That can be a scary word for some, but it doesn’t have to be! Learn about how different textures influence the way we eat, how to combine different flavors to get that perfect “mouth-feel”, and try some new ones yourself!