Thank you to last year’s volunteers! (sorry if we missed anyone!)

Alexandria Garza, Anais Cipriano, Apeksha, Arelis Miranda, Arisa Spill, Arunima Choudhary, Barbara Pusey, Bet Walker, Carla Hilliard, Cecily Hay, Chann Givens, David Londono, Debbie Sumner, Dina Hare, Ed Kauffman, Eliska Skarolkova, Gilda Shivers, Ivy Palmer, James Holmes, Jennifer West, Jessica Matthias, Kathryn Shelton, Katie Holiday, Kelli Hahn, Kelsey Depenhart, Ken Morton, Kevin Palmer, Keya Jackson, Komal Pahwa, Krista Mack, Lisa, Louis Clausi, Lydia Moore, Madison Ray, Marlie Stineman, Mary Morton, Mindy, Miriam Munn, Monique Gordon, Mruna, Olesya Golub, Patra Rickman, Paula Lanzetta, Rochelle Coatney, Sara Yupcavage,Sarah, Sarah J Zeigler, Shawn Sikes, Sky Bean, Stephen Langford, Susan David, Tia Brightwell, Tyrese Allen, Zoey Hilliard

Hello Volunteers! Thank you so much for your support with this year’s event! Please check back about a week or two before the day of the event. At that time, we will post the schedule below with your name and scheduled volunteer times. If you need to make a change to it, can’t commit to it, or don’t see your name (or a friend’s with whom you signed up with), then please use the form below to contact us right away.

In the meantime, don’t forget to join our facebook group, where we will post regular updates and other valuable information. You can also connect with other volunteers there too, so it’s a great place to meet new people!

Joanne Morton

Director of Operations

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